Yes we have a problem with that!







 Pratiti Diddi

 The blind, blatant acceptance of all what happens is gone forever now. India seems to have finally woken up of its deep slumber. Though the boil has taken aeons to come to the brim … is surely spiting fire now.

 Indians are out on the streets protesting, shouting, demanding answers and action against the perpetrators. The 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack has enraged the entire nation with pain. It has scarred the nation for life. Thousands of  why’s are hovering everybody’s mind. Till when humanity will pay the price for such dasdardly acts??? Till when  will we fall prey to others vested interests? Vote bank politics, seccionist divisions…. Are they strong enough to shudder the unity factor of  our nation?

 Politicians were always busy giving definitions to terror as Islamic or hindu or what not to fulfill their parochial political aims . We on the other hand ,always saw it as something happening to someone else. As long as we were safe, we remained indifferent. The overdued realization that even we are not aloof, has hopefully dawned .Terror that we see today did not happen on one day…its just a boomerang of what we let happen in this country. It happened over the years when we kept quiet, and they believed that we endorse it. We have remained a soft target for the terrorists for long, courtesy, the attitude of our approach

 Gunshots… explosions… Fire…. pool of blood… smoke… bullets… splinters… people…. some charred to death… some screaming… some running for life. This is the nightmare the nation witnessed with open eyes over the last few days.  The magnitude of death rose with the sound of every empty shell that came out of the menacing AK 47s, 56s and hand grenades, used by the Terrorists.  Some odd 10 terrorists unleashed havoc on the cosmopolitan  Mumbai. How dare they???

 Yes we do have a irrepressible spirit …. But that does not mean we are going to take things hands down.We have been quite for long. Let the fire not die down this time. And the anger should keep burning within ourselves… till we effectively establish a credible system to take care of us all.. The attack was  not just on  the people, their lives or infrastructure, it infact aimed to rupture the unifying bond which binds the Indians together . LETS NOT GRANT THEM THIS VICTORY. Its time that we stand united together as Indians irrespective of what religion ,caste we belong to.




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Mumbai attacks: A wake up call for the government



By Kusum

TERROR ATTACK on Mumbai, which is said to be the 9/11 of India, killed 183 people, which included 22 foreigners and 20 brave policemen, and has left over 300 injured. It is undoubtedly the biggest and worst terror attack India has faced so far. This attack has once again unmasked the shameless face of politicians. Even such a large scale carnage, which shook the whole country, could not stop the leaders from politicising the issue.

At a time when our forces were fighting with the terrorists, both Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress were busy deciding the colour and design of the advertisement asking for votes from the people claiming each other as a failure in curbing terrorism in their terms. These parties were fast enough in getting the ads published within a day as to grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

Chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi too was quick enough in criticising the Prime minister’s address to the nation as a weak speech.
The second important thing that came out clearly was the collapse of the security and intelligence agencies. Terrorists were said to be from the neighbouring country and were able to move in with huge amount of explosives and arms and our intelligence could not even smell it, that too when Home ministry had the clue of an attack on Mumbai for a long time. It shows there was a big lapse in the system. Since nowhere the whole movement of explosives could be traced or checked at any post, local logistic help could not be denied.
It is high time that our agencies and politicians, held themselves more responsible and accountable for such incidents. It is even more important that politicians understand the need

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Don’t raise your voice


By Manik Chandra Tiwari

Criticism of work is considered as a healthy feedback. The logic behind this assumption is that they (criticism) helps you to realise where were mistakes committed by you. So that next time you can keep those things in minds and can raise the bar.

But sometime criticism leaves you nowhere specially in the area where the stakes are high ,in that sphere you are not allowed to open your mouth.

The latest victim of criticism is congress senior leader and national general secretary Magret Alva , who now had been out casted because of her criticism /allegation . Though her allegation holds value in political setup of our democracy and show up the functioning of a party . But still it seems the chord she had strike had not gone down well in a party were loyalty to dynasty holds the key to success in one’s political career

The history of the congress as a party shows that it had never gone down well with dissidents voices which ever had been raised in a family. Continuing with the same Marget Alva had been out casted from that family without being given a single thought on his allegation.

The manner in which whole episode had taken place shows the apathy of the party and their lacklustre attitude to make the air clear.  

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Indian tricolour unfurls on moon


By Surabhi Prasad

INDIA WAS a proud nation on Friday. The Moon Impact Probe (MIP) of Chandrayaan-I, was ejected successfully from the space craft on the lunar surface on November 14 , 2008 (Friday night).

The MIP carries with it a picture of the Indian flag and with this India becomes the fourth nation to place a flag on the moon after the Soviet Union, United States and Japan.

It is one of the 11 scientific instruments (payloads) on board Chandrayaan-I, India’s first unmanned spacecraft mission to moon which was launched on October 22 from Sriharikota spaceport.

Developed by ISRO’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Thiruvananthapuram, the primary objective of MIP is to demonstrate the technologies required for landing a probe at the desired location on the moon.

The probe will help qualify some of the technologies related to future soft landing missions. This apart, scientific exploration of the moon at close distance is also intended using MIP.

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Its Re- run time

 Pratiti Diddi

Its barely days after November 10, when the majority of the TV  audience can be seen going bersek . The housewives  and the children seems to have all the time in the world with them as they twiddle their fingers on remote.


Owing to the unresolved impasse between the FWICE, the association of workers in TV and the producers, over the demand for higher wages for workers, the most popular hindi general  entertaintment channels have decided to re-run these serials and reality shows from November 10. This deadlock between the producers of TV programs and cine workers has impeded the daily dose of entertaintment for many avid soaps opera viewers  as channel hopping merely brings endless re-runs of old episodes and repeat telecasts.


The move is surely detrimental to the advertisers and viewers. As if the blow of “ Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” , going off the air wasn’t enough , has come another blow for people who thrive on popular shows .With all the mirch masala missing  and anxiety of knowing ‘whodunnit’ , the viewers are waiting with bated breath to know what happened next in ‘Balika Vadhu’, ‘ Saath Phere’ and the likes to name a few.


Amidst all these re-runs,  its only ‘big boss’ that has escaped the decision of re-run , owing to the nature of the reality show. This has infact forced many not-so- interested viewers of Big Boss finaly turn to it in its ending days.


Though the majority of the audience complains of the regressive nature of the serials and its exaggerated misrepresentation of real life, they surely feel something is amiss as their evenings are no longer the same.


The current imbroglio has however proved to be a welcome break to many TV stars who have  been overworked and overexhausted . Its time for them to delight in this forced respite and spend some quality time with their loved ones.





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Honor killing: A Shame


By Kusum

In the last 30 days, three cases of honor killing were registered. A month ago, a couple was burnt alive in the fields of Greater Noida, by villagers for committing a crime of being in love. A few days back, two sisters were shot dead by their brother in Surajpur village of Greater Noida because the girls had eloped and were brought back only to kill them. On Diwali, in another case two sisters were burnt alive by their family members in Biwani village of Haryana wherein police registered the FIR after 15 days that too, when the incident came to the knowledge of media.

Honor killing means killing a person, girls to be precise, for the sake of saving the so called respect of the family or village. In most of such cases police intentionally plays the role of an ignorant and also tries to justify honor klling because local police also belongs to the strata, which does not see anything wrong in this crime. It is also unfortunate as well as dangerous that those who kill for the sake of the honor of the family do not even regret once for their commits. But there is a need to understand that no law or police can help curb a crime like this to a full extent. More than a law, there is requirement to change this psyche of people that family’s honor is devasted only by talking of girls to boys. Villagers have to make understand that girls are more than family’s honor through various communication mediums familiar to them. Involvement of locals is also needed with the initiation of government and Non-government organisations. But it is also unexpected that all of a sudden any miracle will bring a shift in the attitude of the villagers. Rather, it is going to be an arodous and long process but worth it.


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To vote: Right or Responsibility?


By Kusum

To vote to any party and elect the government is the fundamental right given by our constitution all its citizens who are above eighteen of age. While in general all of us enjoy the rights, and freedom which comes with it we don’t seem to take pleasure in the right to vote. It is a picture, bleak but true which we can observe on the basis of low voting turnout after every election. According to the statistics available with Election commission, right from the 1st to 14th Lok Sabha elections, Voting percentage have hovered around not more than 60%. Out of this 60 percent whichever party receives the maximum vote, struggle and play all the games of buying and selling the MPs and MLAs to form the government. Struggle, because it is because of the low turnout of votes that no single party gets the Majority required to form the government. Aren’t we being an equal party to the Mal-Practicing of horse –trading by not voting?
      It has also been observed that it is not the deprived class who does not participate in the voting process but the class which is well off and has all the necessities in life because they feel that it is not going to affect them which party comes. On the contrary, people who are dispossessed of even some of the basic amenities still hold the voting right as their strongest weapon. Today, as when regional and communal politics is at its peak, it’s high time that we exercise our duty to vote and reject all the politicians who are dividing the nation. To vote is a responsibility more than a right.

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Vote out dishonest politicians


By Surabhi Prasad
IN RECENT months, innocent people have been facing the brunt of regional politics. The country has been witness to the Amaranth Shrine Board issue, Orissa violence and now violence against North Indians perpetrated by Raj Thackeray.

For sure, violence on such a large scale is not possible without the aid and abetment of politicians whose only motive is to indulge in vote bank politics. For all these, politicians alone cannot be blamed.
We, the citizens, cannot excuse ourselves because we provide them an opportunity to play with the lives of the innocent people.

How long will we remain mute spectators? How long will we allow corrupt politicians like Raj Thackeray and others to misrule us? How long will we entrust our country to such selfish politicians?

It is high time we armed ourselves by exercising our right to vote in the right manner. We need to use this right to shun such dishonest politicians.

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BJP’s changed politics


By Kusum

BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu’s statement that terrorists are not Hindu or Mulism or Christian came as a surprise. He said, ” Terrorist is not backward or forward but awkward”.


Rather his new take on terrorism is awkward and is incompatible with BJP’s history of comments on terror suspected. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur’s alleged association with Malegaon Blast has made saffron party to change its tone on the issue. The same party, which blindly believed the version of police in all other investigations, is refusing to believe the same police in Malegaon Blast investigation.

Constantly accusing united progressive alliance (UPA) for being soft on terrorism and delaying the execution of death sentence of Afzal Guru, BJP and other right wing parties’ rallied against the arrest of Pragya Thakur.


Party, which loudly used the term Islamic terrorism in its number of speeches and rally is denying having any connection between religion and terrorism. The same saffron parties which were slaming the Jamia Millia Univeristy’s Vice Chancellor for providing legal aid to two terror suspects from the university, have lined up laweyrs for the Sadhvi on the grounds that Every accused is liable to get legal assistance as per the law of the land.

Though Pragya has not been proven guilty, Bjp leader Murli Manohar Joshi immedaitely came said in a defensive tone that it is the injustice, which lead one to become terrorist. This analytical observation of BJP and its memebers was missing in earlier arrests of suspected and accused terrorists. All the arguments and actions of BJP and it’s factions on the Pragya Thakur shows the double face of these parties.

These parties utter each and every word keeping in mind the vote bank and not because they actually want terrorism to curb. Had it been the case, BJP would have condemned strongly Pragya’s involvement in the blast just as it has been doing before.

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Bihari Tiger, Marathi Dragon


Ankur Bhardwaj

Dragons are spitting fire and tigers are growling hard for the survival but both will fall prey to each another, because they are chained by some jackals. 

Lets be clear in the beginning that neither tigers (Biharis) nor dragons (Marathies) should take proud on themselves because after all both are animals, who lives by killing one another. If they were humans, they would rule and not be ruled by some jackals that collect their bones to ornament themselves. 

Now coming down to the real issue, issue that was made so. A Language. It all started for the language. It is the moot point. This fact deserves to be laughed at, the fight is over getting the rightful palace for the language, for its respect but every one is abusing, condemning and cursing one another in the same language. Now ask yourself what is it if it’s not a disregard for the language? You are using language to vilify others.  

It is undisputable that what you say matters more irrespective of the language you speak. Message is more important then the medium. When you think good and speak good of others the language becomes only a way of expressing yourself. It never interferes between you unless you have so much of acrimony for the one you are speaking to. And this is exactly what is happening. The goodness is all lost now the language is being wielded as sword and a maxim also says a wound of sword can be healed but wound by tongue never. 

Now this person Raj Thackeray is doing what some 30 years back Bal Thackeray did thrashing and threatening people for not speaking in Marathi, if that is the way it is sure that he will eat dust. Imposition gets you nothing but condemnation. It would have been admirable if he had taken the sane way to make Marathi flourish and respected again by Marathi and non-Marathi alike. Literature, films, art, drama, poems makes the language immortal but a gun surly buries it down. 

So the proper example to make people realize the value of their own language is spreading love and peace through it not by killing those who don’t want to speak in it, people might speak it out of fear but surely wouldn’t respect it. If someone thinks making people to speak some language out of compulsion then you con expect only curses out of it no good feelings, emotions and respect. Leave it for the people only to decide on it. It is the matter of self-realization. Nobody forces Chinese, Japanese, French people to speak in their own language; it’s their own decision. The do it with dignity. 

So it is up to you all people do you want to growl like a Tiger, vomit fire and hatred like Dragon or speak well like humans? Decision is yours. And at the end a thought to consider “ many times silence conveys the whole meaning when the speaking in any language fails”.   

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A Thursday



Ankur Bhardwaj

One stupid common man replied to terrorism on Wednesday, in a film but some nuts replied back on Thursday unfortunately in reality, now Assam stood witness to this gruesome reality with a trail of blasts that ripped apart the humanity and of course the state.  

A Wednesday was critically acclaimed by many but A Thursday critically claimed so many.  
This is literally a slap on our face,” A stupid common men”, who were fantasizing to have taken avenge through film and moved on to see another flick. A Wednesday was quixotic idea of someone else and we accepted it as ours. That was a mistake.  

It is heart rending to recall number of blasts during last couple of years and the blasts in Assam got us to dreadful nostalgia, which is still lingering in the back of our mind but we deliberately suppressed it under A Wednesday but we realized it on A Thursday. But was that our mistake only? No if we believe what was said in the film. We choose government to curb this but it failed not once, twice and thrice but many times. 

It is not understandable what the “hell” government is doing. Its there job to ensure us safety and security, we virtually hired them to do so but they aren’t doing it. It is very unfortunate that our so-called politicians just don’t bother to go beyond verbal blame shifting and drooping some tears which put even crocodiles to shame (many times not even that). 

So what can be done then, people often argue that these disturbances are created just to draw political mileage when the elections are around so why can’t we use the same opportunity to turn the things around. Elections happen to be near. 

It’s a high time to turn A Wednesday into reality but with rationality. We can’t take guns and bombs in our hands nor we can’t harm others in any way. But we have a deadliest gun and the most fatal bomb in the form of vote and the target is inefficiency, corruption and dereliction of duty of the government.  

It is a time to make your own Wednesdays. We need billion of Wednesdays to script the change. After all how long we can fight only through films. 

We can no longer be the country of asleep because sleepwalkers become the king there, it is happening here. We need to wake ourselves and most importantly people whom we chose to run the country. So we all are waiting for each one’s Wednesday.

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LOC in hearts

BY Ankur Bhardwaj
AN ABODE to people from diverse cultures, Delhi takes pride in its multi-ethnic identity. But is this pride superficial? It seems so. The reason being that we progressive minded Delhites have drawn a line of control among ourselves.

Let’s start with discussing an incident which is still fresh in our minds and pains us. The Delhi blasts which brought to centre stage a little known place in Delhi, Jamia Nagar. These serial blasts in Delhi put an indelible blot on this place that even time can’t remove. This place has been blacklisted by this isolated case.

Recently a newspaper reported that the people of Jamia Nagar are even denied mobile connections, people fear to visit this place for no reason whatsoever and something as simple as getting pizza delivered may be difficult. 

Now why am I discussing this here? Amidst all this, I learnt that Jamia Nagar is predominately a Muslim area, in fact only Muslims live there which was preceded by an innocuous question (as I thought it would be) which was to entrap me in the LOC that I have never seen in Delhi. The question was why only Muslims live there?

 I decided to casually ask this question to some people around me but never expected that the answers would shock me and put me to profound shame.

 I posed this question to one of my friends and pat came the reply “may be because of their cultural similarities”. I moved on to pick another person for another answer; I actually expected the same answer. But his reply “why are you bothered? How does it matter where all these terrorists live, in fact let them live there only”. I felt so embarrassed to hear such a caustic and corrosive reply from someone known to me. I asked how could he say they all are terrorists, to which he angrily replied “don’t you know police killed two, arrested one and I guess two of them fled”.

I retorted even more angrily “first of all every time you curse the police for its corruption and ineffectiveness and now you believe them blindly (I am not raising questions on the encounter) by the way you named 2+2+1=5. Do only five people live in Jamia Nagar”.

I further argued and showed him the mirror “in fact you are no less than a terrorist yourself who harbour so much hatred for people you have never met, seen or spoke. In fact you never even visited the place and passed judgment on them.” He walked off, but his terrible reply had given me the sense of that invisible LOC which he may always carry with himself and may even influence other people by his venomous thinking.

Others also came with their unjustifiable answers like “we and they aren’t alike, so let them live there”, “they live terribly” – so on and so forth.

But the last answer showed me that LOC clearly which I wished I shouldn’t have ever seen and nearly led me to a fight with another self-styled progressive who foolishly uttered without any understanding that “they don’t want to live with us”. I laughed at myself and at my question because unfortunately the other way round is the answer to my question. We don’t want to live with them that is why we forced them to live in small pockets (people reasoned with me that it is not true, they live together because culturally they find it convenient. This excuse may sound very valid but for me it is just an excuse. Religion can never be a bar if we actually want to live together)

“Do you want to live with them?” I asked him.

“Why should I?” he replied.

“Then why should they?” I pressed.

I answered my own question.


“They all are living there because we want them I am not limiting my answer to Jamia Nagar only. We are not allowing them to integrate with us. We are making them feel estranged in their own country.  Now I am not limiting my answer to the city only. Ask any one among us and he will deeply regret the partition of India, never miss a chance to call them brothers but the whole acrimony is generated on religious lines only. I don’t understand why we mistreat and even neglect our own brothers in our own country. Don’t judge the community by some aberrant people if you do so then I will also judge ourselves by the acts of some aberrant people from among us who are killing Christians in Orrisa and it will go on like this and we will end up deepening on this LOC in our heart. Now I want you to act not react “. He listened with rapt attention and may even act as one should and so should you who have waited until the end of this answer of that innocuous question.   


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Balika Vadhu: A change for a change on small screen

By Kusum

At a time when people were fed up of watching reality music and dance shows long after being bored with the family and saas-bahu soaps, ‘Balika Vadhu’ on newly launched TV channel color came as a refreshing doze of entertainment plus awareness. News reports also popped up saying that ‘Balika Vadhu’, a series first of its kind on focused on child marriage, has left behind all other programs on TRP   (television rating points) within a very short span of time. It is a position very well deserved owing to number of reasons but major being the very novel idea. Before this, nowhere on small screen the concept of child marriage was exploited and hence, audience of big cities had not got any chance to witness the bitter reality still existed in our society, that too wrapped up with the entertainment. An equal credit goes to the way issue has been dealt with along with the performances of all the actors especially Avika Gaur, who is playing the lead role of Anandi in the serial. Though like other serials, this too has lavishing sets but unlike other saas-bahu saga it does not uses the zip-zap technique innovate by K serials to exaggerate the expressions. Characters, the series are not black and white but grey i.e. there is no perfect villain or hero. But more than this, ‘Balika Vadhu’s success lays with this that it has, so far, not lost its focus even for an episode. It focuses sharply on the issue of child marriage and problems which follows it, from loss of childhood to the consequences of early pregnancies over girl’s health and many more.

                All the mentioned qualities have managed to grip the audiences of all age class and sex. It has been proved wrong by the success of this show that audience of TV is no more interested in programs other than based on the unrealistic concept of life-size sets, four marriages and one vampire. Let’s hope that its popularity sends this message to the content producers of Television and opens up the door for some more good quality programs in future.

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MNS v/s Bihar: neglecting the main problem

Swati Soni

EVERY NEWS channel or newspaper is talking about the attack on north Indians and the most recent burning of railway coaches in Bihar as a reaction to the earlier action. Why is all this happening at all?

All of us know people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh migrate to other regions in search of jobs and better education and they do it because they don’t have good education and job opportunities in their own states. It is a failure on the part of government of these so called bimaru states which failed to generate better life styles for people of their states.

Every year we see large number of people migrating in metros because here there is the best chance available then anywhere else. These states, which are high on crime, are low on development. Employment and literacy prospects are not bright thus they have no other options but to migrate. The government of states like U.P.
and Bihar are mired in corruption from head to toe and very little of the grants and money is used in development.

In this scenario why blame poor people whose aim is just to earn a living. They don’t aim at grabbing the Maharastrian vote bank or to fill their pockets with state funds. What MNS did is truly loathsome but why are we not addressing the problem from the right angle.

The footage of MNS beating students on TV resulted in provoking people from other side thus a railway coach was burnt. Had it been focussed on the right direction then the results of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) would have been in the news not Maharastrians killing Biharis. Such negligence may result in a divide on the basis of region. Already we face prejudice in the minds of people from South India, Kashmir and the northeast. What we need is an aspiring media not a provoking media. The media should address the issue rightly and should not create agendas on their own.

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MNS ‘Raj’ takes life of Rahul Raj

By Kusum

Such is the system of our country that a political leader, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray, who is responsible for provoking the violence from Mumbai to Bihar and creating a divide on the lines of region, got bail on the next day of his arrest because he was charged so loosely by Mumbai police. While a young boy from a middle class family, Rahul Raj, who had gone to Mumbai to work as a x-ray technician, becomes the victim of politics and end up loosing his life in an unfortunate encounter. Who should be held responsible for such an end to him? Absolutely not Rahul solely. Both, Mumbai police’s way of handling this incident and MNS’s style of politics are responsible. Rahul, surely, took law in his hands but was there really a need for police to kill him? Couldn’t police have made him surrender by someway?

Besides, there is a need to think what made him behave so aggressively? He was making signs towards media of wanted to talk to Raj Thackeray and it could be made out from his face that he was extremely disturbed. A long back few Philippines hijacked a bus and all they wanted was to get attention for the improvement in the education system. Perhaps, Rahul too wanted to make his voice hear but he choose wrong path.



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Terrorism: new phenomenon in Hindi films


By kusum

Cinema has tried to squeeze all the plausible chances to portray the real life scenario into films. That, however, is altogether a different question that how successfully and factually it manages to present it. Bashing the neighboring country Gadar came when India and Pakistan were sharing a sour relationship in real. While Veer-Zara tried to form a soft image with Pakistan when there was a peace process going on between the two countries.

                   Today as when country is engulfed with the terror attacks, how could world’s largest film making industry be untouched by it. In fact, from the last one year cinema seem to have obsessed with the terrorism. At least it so appears from the movies we are witnessing.

                    The very recent and hit out of these a Wednesday by debutant director Nerraj Pandey presents altogether a different picture. Here, the plot of the film is more of repercussion rather than the terrorism itself. Audience is surprised by the time film reaches its climax to reveal that its actually a common man who has planned the full proof conspiracy to kill the already arrested deadly terrorists in a reaction to the continuous terror attacks. A Wednesday represents the anger of the common man, who is taken for granted by both terrorists and police, and becomes a victim every now and then for no reason.

               Mumbai meri jaan gives a more practical and real picture rather the heroic, where a common man who survives in the bomb blasts but is unable to come out of the trauma. From a person who after the blast is scared of traveling again in the local train to a person who after the every bomb blasts look at minority face with suspicion, the film gives a pragmatic rather than out view situations.

                 Dhokha by Mahesh Bhatt which came a year before tries to go into the psyche of so called terrorists and root of terrorism and not its aftermaths. The film comments that nobody is a terrorist by birth but it’s the society which compels them to become one.

                 The above are just few to mention. There are many more. Aamir starring Rajiv Khandelwal wanted to make us realize that common Muslim is as much a victim of terrorism as someone from the majority community.

                   Not to mention that apart from these from time to time bollywood has tapped the terrorism of Kashmir also. All on similar subjects but has been exploited by the filmmakers to its fullest with different angles. With the endless terror attacks, it certainly seems that there are many more waiting to add on in the list.


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‘Goonda raj’ of MNS

By kusum

How many of us know Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS), a splinter of Shiv Sena for reasons other than beating people, vandalizing places, making irresponsible and provoking statements? Perhaps, none of us would have known MNS had it not done all these ‘great work’. This party has succeeded in its aim of getting free publicity, thanks to mainstream media, which have been giving coverage to its unlawful activities always more than required.

              This time MNS is in news for beating up innocent north-Indians who were taking up an exam for job in railways in Navi Mumbai because they thought that north-Indians were occupying all the positions leaving no opportunities for locals. It seems as if there are no more issues left in Maharashtra which is why Raj thackary and its newly made party is playing the politics pf divide on the line of regionalism.

           Is this the first time that people of one state are migrating and working in other states? Is it mandatory for MNS to be anti-north Indian in order to think for the welfare of Maha people? The information technology (IT) industry is set up largely in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore and numbers of people from all over India including Maharashtra are working there. Should these states be treating Maha people as MNS is N north- Indians? Absolutely no, but this is the only message which this party is spreading. MNS being a political party must be aware of the unfortunate fact that not all the states of our country have equal employment opportunities to offer for its people even after the more than sixty years of independence. People migrate from one state to another in search of better livelihood out of compulsion and not choice. Don’t citizen of one country have a right to move and live freely and fearlessly from one state to another? So, this issue, on which MNS is trying to play upon the politics of establishing itself as a bearer of Marathis for the vote bank is completely illogical.

           People of Maharashtra must come forward together to condemn strongly these kind of violent protests against north-Indians. This is the only solution to stop such activities of MNS to frighten people. It will give a confidence to those scared north-Indians who are staying in Mumbai as well answer to parties like MNS and Shiv Sena that they are not with their politics of terror and divide.   


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will Rai Bareli go the Singur way?


            By kusum


                      Once again a development project, which could have been lifeline of thousand of people, is on the verge of being axed in the hands of politics. After Nano project at Singur, it was now the turn of rail coach factory at Rai Bareli, which was to be source of improved livelihood for more than eleven thousand villagers directly and indirectly, to be played upon in the name of politics. The only difference is that here it is the state’s CM who has created hindrance in the development project contrary to West Bengal’s situation.

                            Canceling the allotment of land for the rail coach factory just few days before Sonia Gandhi was to mark the beginning of the construction work proves, that it is nothing but a sheer politics of revenge by Mayawati as there was no such extensive protest by farmers was witnessed, which could not have resolved. This kind of small politics does not go along with the Mayawati’s aspiration of becoming Prime minister one day, who claims herself as messiah of dalits. This is the political scenario of a country which dreams to become a superpower in a decade or so. Even though elections are scheduled for the month of November in America, both democratic and republican, are together in the time of financial crisis rather than indulging in the blame game politics. The question is that why our political leaders can’t keep their pushy politics safe for the parliament? Why does common man always end up paying the price of political battle? Why can’t they rise above politics and stand together at least for developmental issues?

                             It shows the narrow thinking of leaders of one of the largest democracy in the world, who in order to gain the short term goals play with the aspiration of common man. The Rai Bareli coach factory issue is also an example of how number of beneficial projects get stuck the centre-state politics. Singur will regret the exit of Nano forever but Rai Bareli has time not to let create one more Singur and save it before it gets sacrificed in the fire of one on one politics. Now when the issue has reached to court one can hope that decision falls in the benefit of Rai Bareli people soon.



October 16, 2008 at 6:44 am 1 comment

Mainstream media ignores Commonwealth Youth Games 2008

By Surabhi Prasad

It would not be surprising if the youth in the country is not aware of the Commonwealth Youth Games currently going on in Pune. Thanks to our mainstream media.

It’s a shame that such a big international event is going on in the country but the national media is not able to allot even ten minutes airtime in its sports quarter to the Youth Games.

It’s shocking that a sports event which includes over 1,300 athletes from 71 countries and which is being held for the first time in Asia is going unnoticed by our mainstream media.

It’s such an irony when India as a country gets a single Olympic medal, then media criticizes the government and authorities for its sheer neglect.
But now when it has the responsibility to cover this mega sports event and thus promote sports like Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling, its sitting back and counting its TRPs (Television Rating Points).

Sports in India just not mean cricket, it means football, it means hockey, and it means Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling as well.
When we, Indians, would start understanding this, then only we can hope for a respectable place in the Olympics medal tally.
And for this the media has to come forward and give these sports events like Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 its due coverage.

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Journey of journalism on screen

As it is said that cinema is a reflection of and media being no isolation from the society, the change in the media is apparent on silver screen also. A young journalist covering electric baba very enthusiastically in the recent film a Wednesday is a fresh example of journalism in India which has undergone a great change, both for the positive and negative.


              It has come a long way from the journalist of film kamala, based on a real story of 80s of a journalist of English daily, who buys tribe women in far off village to reveal the trading of women to film like page 3 depicting a whole lot of entirely different journalism which has emerged in the past one and half decade along with the control of industrialists and corporate over the news flow as per their interests.


                It is not as though that current form of journalism is evident only in the contemporary films. A very famous and adorable film of its time jany bhi do yaro made us witness the type of investigative journalism, which was emerged in the late seventies, ending up in a nexus between all the crooks including a journalist.


            From films like krantiveer where a freelancer, Dimple Kapadia strives to fight with pen against the evils of the society to little known film breaking news doting around the TRP driven sting operation journalism, all era of press has been captured on celluloid.


               At a time when phir bhi dil hai Hindustani presented the rivalry of two star reporters going to the extent of faking out stories as well also digging out the corruption in the political system with sting operation, TV journalism was growing gradually but was unexpected that news channels will outnumber music or entertainment channels.



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To be or not to be 8

By Vidhi Maingi

manmohan singh

Something must be going right for the economy that we do not know about for the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to be all smiles.

No greater proof of this exists that the declaration made by the PM on Friday, claiming that India’s growth would not dip below its much loved 8% and that he would leave no stone unturned to do so.

With the economy on a nervous path right now, assurances of retaining this 8 as compared to a lesser number or even recession and a 0 might become a godsend to millions of companies and their shareholders. An 8 here would mean that it will survive the global scenario.

Since the dreaded You-know-who of the financial world, the day September 15 which marked the spark of the worldwide financial crisis with the collapse of the erstwhile giant Lehmann Bros, one of the premiere financial institutions in US, everyday has brought more and more bad news for them.

While America, Europe and even Japan are thinking of recession, India has been somewhat protected from big trouble. Though the rise and fall of the Sensex and Nifty ( the only reliable data mechanisms for knowing the pulse of the market) has only caused a probable increase in heartaches, indian companies like Dunlop have till now have rubbished claims of them dipping into the red and layoffs.

Still it would be wrong to say that the crisis has not had an effect India. BPOs have been facing troubles and banks have become hard-pressed as they are providing liquidity to the entire world, even though the Reserve Bank has aided them immensely.

However the true test of time for the 8 can only be after the wait and watch period is over. Though there are hopes that worst is over and the effects of the crisis will trickle down to and end, only the coming March end reports will be able to firmly say so.

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