Is the money reaching victims in Bihar?

October 5, 2008 at 5:08 am Leave a comment

By Surabhi Prasad

From the day when Chief Minister called Bihar flood as catastrophe and the Prime Minister declared it a natural calamity and announced Rs 1000 crore for Bihar flood, the donations and aid in terms of cash have been flowing to Bihar.

Not only state governments but various organizations, individuals and infact different countries are donating relief aid to Bihar government.

The big question is if this huge flow of money is actually reaching for whom it is meant to.
The public needs to be informed about the cash flow to counter the general assumption that money donated is used by the politicians for their own benefits.

The flood reminds us of 2004 floods where the money allotted for flood relief was misused by a few politicians for their ulterior motives. The bungling of money was to this extent that it was called multi-crore flood relief scam.

Whenever there is a natural disaster of this enormity, there is always a lot of cash flow and so there are full chances of corruption. Transparency is the need of the hour. Giving the details of the relief work and the transaction done during the relief management would not only win the government, the trust of the citizens of the country but make the Bihar Government more credible in the eyes of public. Infact it would encourage the citizens of the country who are hesitant to make donations to a state which has remained unpopular for its corruption.

It remains to be seen if the money flowing to Bihar is able to reach marooned people in Bihar.


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